They May Not Be The Majority — But They’re Sure Not On The Fringes Either

They May Not Be The Majority — But They’re Sure Not On The Fringes Either: In the Democratic Underground Post I did today, Brian had this to say, “The people of DemocraticOnline are the fringes of society. Their opinions do not reflect any meaningful percentage of the US population. So, I have no clue why you insist on giving them even more publicity.”

Jane from The Daily Rant (who’s pretty cool…well…for a lefty anyway) has said similar things in past threads.

However, while the kooks I often feature from the Democratic Underground do not make up the majority of the left today, they aren’t on “the fringes of society.” These people make a significant chunk of the left today — I’d even say there are a lot more of them than there are paleo-Conservatives on the right. I have that impression simply because there are so many wildly popular left-wing pages that regularly tout conspiracy theories, paranoia, & incendiary rhetoric that it’s hard to come to any other conclusion. Let me just give you a few examples from some of the left-wing websites listed in my 100 Of The Most Popular Political Websites On The Net article…

#9 Indy Media — Ranked 3,166: Busta: “It must now be told: the pigs are the jews’ True Parents

“It has the cerebral cortex of a pig, and it revels in carnage.” -“Doctor Who”: “Weng Chiang””

Billder: Biotech Deployed Against Activists In Florida …Beware. These people are animals and there is no right or wrong, no fairness or intellect in their lives, they are criminals of the most devious sort.

Also be advised that most of the marijuana on the street in Florida is poisoned by law enforcement, who is redistributing seized pot from the 80’s and 90’s, AFTER it has been poisoned, as the next thrust against American Citizens in the War On Drugs, which is actually genocide, a war on the American people by their own government. the poison in the pot effects vision and is harnful in the long term, especially as concerns night vision”

#19 What Really Happened — Ranked 7,562: 1/30/03 Schröder Remains Opposed To War On Iraq I predict a “terrorist” attack in Germany to change his mind.

“1/30/03 Bush, Berlusconi to Discuss Iraq Interesting timing, since Berlusconi is under pressure to step down over his corruption trial.” Will Berlusconi be saved (and US access to Italian bases guaranteed) by a “terrorist” attack?

“1/30/03 Trinidadian Islamic group threatens to use chemical and biological weapons” Set-up.

“1/30/03 Black Box Voting” How US elections are stolen!

#22 The Democratic Underground — Ranked 8,102: A few comments from one thread out of many that I could have picked from the DU forums…

ElementaryPenguin: “There really is this creepy anti-Christ vibe to the Smirk!! Sometime it feels like we’re living in the movie “The Omen”!!”

TNOE: “There seems to be such a “rush” with this WH which really makes me wonder – they are going about things at an alarming pace and don’t seem to even care what the people or the other countries are saying. They are pushing their agenda through at an alarming rate.
I has really started to make me wonder if the PlanetX theory is true for 5/15/03 especially given their haste and NASA going nuclear, Cheney building his underground bunker at the VP residence, etc.

I think we’re in for something, whether a pole shift, PlanetX or whatever, but whatever it is, they know its coming and are picking up the pace to finialize their agenda.”

#25 Counterpunch — Ranked 11,021: From an editorial by William Hughes

“Goldberg’s article was a classic example, too, of pro-Zionist propaganda (a/k/a “ZionProp”). This is where a pundit covertly advances the Zionist cause on a controversial issue, without even mentioning Israel, or Zionism, or Ariel “The Butcher” Sharon by name. Goldberg is a master of this technique. Sometimes, he does it openly, like when he did a hatchet job on the Palestinian Chairman, Yasser Arafat (12/05/01). (I’m going to get to that rant in just a moment.) Goldberg knows the Zionist Cartel wants this war with Iraq. I suspect that is the real objective of his phony spiel of January 25th.”

From an editorial about present day America and the flag by Philip A Farruggio

“Go to the library, the “public” library that “they” wish to privatize, and get yourself some of the many documentary films of WWII. Check out the ones about Germany in the 30’s and early 40’s. Look at those myriads of flags seemingly all over the place. Check out the powerful rantings and ravings of the paperhanger. See how the masses “Zig Heiled” so “mesmorizingly obedient” to their Fatherland and their flag. Whoever said “history repeats itself” was a genius.

From an editorial by Kurt Nimmo

“Bush didn’t kill bin Laden because the Saudi is a CIA asset. Bin Laden was the “Pearl Harbor” the neocons have talked about now for years, well before Bush was elected (excuse me, appointed) to the presidency.”

#56 Bartcop — Ranked 40,939: In a plug for donations…

“They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio. The Internet Resistance is all we have.”

Here’s a quote from Kurt Vonnegut that made the front page…

“America has been taken over by means of the sleaziest, low-comedy, Keystone Cops-style coup d’etat imaginable. And those now in charge of the federal government are upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography, plus not-so-closeted white supremacists, aka “Christians…”

#59 The Smirking Chimp — Ranked 46,858: From an editorial called the “The Imagined Empire” by Peter Lee…

“We live in an imagined empire.

Bush and Cheney and the neocon cabal dream of it, and strive indefatigably to realize it.

Its heartland shares the boundaries of our republic but is fundamentally different….

…(A)fter our constitution has been subverted in pursuit of power; when our democracy has been sacrificed to the demands of empire; and our economy has been consumed in the furnace of this war, the imagined empire will become real.

And we become subjects instead of citizens.”

They’re also running the Kurt Nimmo edtorial from Counterpunch that claims that, “Bush didn’t kill bin Laden because the Saudi is a CIA asset. Bin Laden was the “Pearl Harbor” the neocons have talked about now for years, well before Bush was elected (excuse me, appointed) to the presidency.”

Keep in mind, these are all POPULAR left-wing websites, not crackpots with 22 people a day reading their blogs. I could have added more material from the list, but there are only so many hours in a day. Moreover, I guarantee you I could go back to the exact same pages and find new material just as offensive as what I’ve just posted a week from now. All these pages post this sort of rubbish week in and week out or at least have users who do so. Now if this is just material from way out on the fringes — how did it get to be so POPULAR?

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