How many minorities have actually seen Hamilton the Musical?

I suspect the percentage is very low. And if that is the case what was the point of having a cast made up of primarily non-white actors? The answer is much different than I foolishly thought.

By now you’ve probably heard about the rough treatment Vice President-Elect Mike Pence received attending a performance of Hamilton, the hottest show on Broadway with tickets selling for as much as $1,000 of pop. Pence got booed at various times throughout the performance and at curtain call this happened:


On a post yesterday I explained that this is New York, a town filled with crazy Liberals and this is how they act. But, I had to give Hamilton, the production itself more thought than I had before. Here is what I previously thought as to why this musical was made up of non-whites playing Caucasian American historical figures. I thought the idea was a way to get the minority community interested in Broadway and get excited about American history.

Good idea, right?

Just one problem though. The average Black or Latino cannot afford to pay $1,000 bucks a ticket. I can’t and I’m in the middle class. So Hamilton is not accessible to the average New Yorker, let alone minorities. Yet this musical has a waiting list of almost year? How could this be?

This is a musical, it turns out, was made by Liberal elites for the enjoyment of Liberal elites only! It was never about Broadway outreach into the minority community. Hamilton is an elitist self indulgent fantasy of the world, a world where “diversity” (aka no white allowed) rules the day. That’s why Mike Pence was booed. But, it’s also why Liberals no longer connect with the average American who still is 70% of the country. That’s why they lost the presidential election.

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Samuel Gonzalez

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