Marcus Stanley, The Last Person to Post on Dylann Roof’s Facebook Page, Speaks Out

Marcus Stanley, The Last Person to Post on Dylann Roof’s Facebook Page, Speaks Out

It’s really easy to hate someone who has committed an act as heinous as mass murder but it’s harder and much more rewarding to forgive the man and loathe the sin. Marcus Stanley sent a message to Dylann Roof, the perpetrator of the recent shooting in Charleston that left nine dead and a country in mourning, on social media. It was the only comment on his picture, but it is sure to move you to tears.


From IJReview:

The world woke up Thursday full of hatred toward Dylann Roof, the young man suspected of killing nine people in a Charleston, South Carolina church, but Marcus Stanley woke up full of love.

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Stanley, a professional gospel musician, heard the news of the shootings the morning after and prayed, asking what he could do to help. “Posting something on my own page was not enough,” Stanley told IJReview, “It was time for me to go directly to the source.”

Marcus took to social media to see if he could contact Dylann, who was at the time still the subject of an enormous manhunt.

If he had already been captured, I would not have sent the message. But most people have their phones on them no matter what’s going on. Information moves through social media faster than anything else. I was hoping if he had his phone on him, that he would read this message.

That message turned into a viral phenomenon, having been seen by five million people on IJReview alone.

In it, Stanley said:

“I don’t look at you with the eyes of hatred, or judge you by your appearance or race, but I look at you as a human being that made a horrible decision to take the lives of 9 living & breathing people. Children do not grow up with hatred in their hearts. In this world we are born color blind. I love you Dylann…”

Stanley knew there would be a backlash for his comments:

“A lot of people are going to be mad at me for doing this. But we react too quickly with hatred instead of getting to the root of the problem. So I was reaching out to him not in hatred but in love.”

Facebook has since taken down Roof’s personal page, and while some may be angry at Stanley for his comments, his message to the suspected mass murderer has gone viral.

Though I’m personally saddened to say this, I truly doubt I have the goodness in me that this man and the families of the victims have in their hearts. THIS is what Christianity is all about.

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