Marketing The War

Marketing The War: In the comments section of the Dumb Quotes From The Left Since 9/11 post, one of our readers named Benjamin copied the following article (Adobe Acrobat File) to the thread. The article starts with this…

“Editor’s Note: In its effort to justify its planned invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration has emphasized the importance of enforcing UN Security Council resolutions. However, in addition to the dozen or so resolutions currently being violated by Iraq, a conservative estimate reveals that there are an additional 91 Security Council resolutions about countries other than Iraq that are also currently being violated. This raises serious questions regarding the Bush administration’s insistence that it is motivated by a duty to preserve the credibility of the United Nations, particularly since the vast majority of the governments violating UN Security Council resolutions are close allies of the United States.”

The article then goes to list all the different nations that are violating UN resolutions. They include, Israel, Turkey/Cyprus, Morocco, Croatia, Armenia, Russia, Sudan, India, Pakistan, & Indonesia.

To begin with, Bush doesn’t really care that Saddam is breaking UN resolutions (neither do I for that matter). But unfortunately, there are a lot of nations who do at least claim to care about what the UN thinks. So Bush is simply making the argument that is most likely to appeal to them. And that is the logical thing to do.

For example, let’s say Europe decided that they wouldn’t go along with invading Iraq unless they were convinced that, “Santa Claus approves of it.” Well, the proper response to that wouldn’t be, “You bunch of idiots, Santa Claus isn’t real. Why are you talking to us about a fictional character?” Instead, you’d say,

“Well Santa certainly wouldn’t approve of the children’s prison that Saddam built. Did you know that Saddam has actually tortured children in front of their parents? It’s so awful in Iraq — people are too poor to buy presents for each other and the children are starving. If we got rid of Saddam they could have a real Christmas in Iraq!”

Of course, the UN has about as much power as Santa Claus does as evidenced by the fact that feeble nations like Armenia, Croatia & Morocco can ignore UN resolutions at their leisure. But if pointing out that Saddam is defying the UN will make Europe move when talking about Saddam’s support of terrorism won’t, then by all means, let’s talk about the UN. It’s not as if we can’t simply ignore the UN later if we like. It’s not as if the UN is capable of doing anything about it.

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