The Terrorist Attack In Bali

The Terrorist Attack In Bali: Terrorists in Bali have killed at least 187 people in a nightclub. Because of the al-Queda connections to terrorist groups in Indonesia and because a bomb also went off near the honorary U.S. consulate, many people believe that this attack was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists (I do as well). There were victims from our country (2 so far), Australia (200+ Aussies still missing), Singapore, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Ecuador, and Indonesia and that’s just so far.

This attack was an indiscriminate slaughter designed to kill a lot of “Westerners” (Aussies in particular). They didn’t care that Germany isn’t cooperating with us, or that France is holding us up at the UN Security Council, or that some of their fellow Indonesians were killed as well.

Some people have laughed at Bush’s characterization of these people as “evil.” Well if murdering hundreds of people just out to have a good time in a nightclub isn’t “evil”, then nothing is. Ignoring these animals like we did for most of the last two decades is no longer an option and compromising with anyone so monstrous that they’d do something like this is not possible. We have got to hunt these terrorist groups and their members down so we can jail or better yet kill as many of them as possible before they do it to us.

This is a truly tragic event and I feel nothing but sympathy for the people who died and their families and friends. I sincerely hope our government will do everything in it’s power to help find and wipe the terrorists responsible for this attack off the face of the planet. The sooner we kill these terrorists, the safer everyone will be — whether they’re in Indonesia or anywhere else across the planet.

**Update**: If someone runs across a way to donate money to victims of this attack, please post it in the comments section and I’ll add it to this post. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would like to help.

**Update #2: Indonesia’s Defense Minister says, “the Bali bomb blast is linked to al-Qaida with the cooperation of local terrorists.”

From the same article,

“Jemaah Islamiyah has already been implicated in a plot at the beginning of this year to bomb foreign embassies in the region, and Australia says it is a prime suspect in the Bali attack.

“The attack bears the hallmarks of JI,” said an expert on al-Qaida, Rohan Gunaratna. “Only the JI has both the intention and capability to conduct a professional terrorist attack like the Bali operation.”

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