Mass Hysteria, Muslim Riots Engulf France… Migrant Camp SHUT DOWN

Mass Hysteria, Muslim Riots Engulf France… Migrant Camp SHUT DOWN

When the most ‘tolerant’ country in the world can’t take it anymore…you know there’s something brewing! With the migrant crisis becoming a plague over the last few years- Is Europe starting to crack apart?


Refugee camp residents fought back, starting fires and attacking police with rocks. The situation Wednesday was calmer, if not less tense. Confusion, uncertainty and sorrow still hang over the camp and the people who have no place to go.

Ahmed Salah from Sudan stood amid trash and debris, mourning the loss of his home of seven months. He says he wants to leave but can’t.

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“I would go anywhere, not just to England,” he said about wanting to cross the English Channel to the United Kingdom. “I don’t want to stay in France. They don’t respect their own laws.”

Wait, so these refugees don’t want to be in France, they hate England, they hate Finland because it was “too cold and boring” (no really, read about their hilarious complaint here), they’re now leaving Germany in droves… are these Islamic refugees, or whiny, entitled #BlackLivesMatter, safe-space demanding college students? With the professional victimhood going on now, it’s hard to tell. Also, at what point do these rapefugees think to themselves “Say, maybe the problem… is us?”

Maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what we’ve been calling it all along. A clash of civilizations. Maybe there’s no way for these refugees, the ones with the archaic, violent, anti-freedom, Islamic mindset ingrained in them since birth to mesh with the Western world. Maybe they’re just not the right fit, and they’d be happier with their previous homelands that burn people alive in cages, and throw homosexuals off rooftops. By the way, it’s not like this is a first for France. This has been culminating for a while.

The French government initially announced its plan to dismantle the southern part of the camp — closer to the highway — in early February. Migrants in that section would attempt to jump on trucks crossing through the Chunnel, despite barbed wire set up to protect the road.

Europe has two options.

Make their policy “No more refugees, period. None. Closed until further notice.”

Sit back and watch the fall of Europe.

There is no door number three. This will only get worse until it gets better. Strike that. This will only get worse. For precedent, look to every single Islamic country in the history of ever. If you don’t have time to compile the research, don’t worry, I did it for you in the video below. You’re welcome.

Yes our leaders do nothing, but sit on their hands- and allow things to worsen.

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