Massive Obama Family Tie to Slavery Gets Exposed for America to See

Massive Obama Family Tie to Slavery Gets Exposed for America to See

As President Obama crusades to help in the eradication of the Confederacy from our nation’s history, he grandstands and discusses the pain of slavery, but refuses to mention a certain inconvenient fact: his ancestors owned slaves.


The liberal mainstream media has been trying to hide this for years, but race-baiter-in-chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s own family used to own slaves.

Specifically, Obama’s great-great-great-great grandfather on his mother’s side, George Washington Overall, owned two slaves — a 15-year-old black girl and 25-year-old black man.

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Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Duvall, also owned two slaves — a 60-year-old black man and 58-year-old black woman.

Furthermore, the Duvalls, who lived in the 1800s, can be traced back to Mareen Duvall, a land owner in the 1600s who owned 18 slaves.

When this revelation initially broke in 2007, an Obama campaign spokesperson tried to deflect from it by arguing that Obama also had ancestors who “fought for the Union in the Civil War.”

He and his pals in the mainstream media tried for years to hide his own family’s slave-owning past while they continued hammering white Americans for their ties to slavery and vestigial racism.

That Obama’s ancestors owned slaves in all reality does not matter. What matters are his own actions in the present.

However, because of the politically charged climate in which we live — one in which liberals are pining to erase the Confederacy from our history books — it’s important that all Americans be aware of President Barack Hussein Obama’s own past.

Of course, this is not Barack Obama’s fault and the actions of his ancestors should not reflect upon him. However, it remains remarkably insulting when the Chicago liberal postures on some sort of assumed moral highground on the issue of Southern history while his family profited from the evil institution.

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