Matador Loses Two Front Teeth When Beast Shoves Horn Into His Mouth During Performance In Mexico

Matador Loses Two Front Teeth When Beast Shoves Horn Into His Mouth During Performance In Mexico

Skilled matadors can make their craft look easy. Thousands come to run with the bulls each year in Spain and appear to forget that these are terrifying, incredibly-strong animals. The below video shows that no matter how skilled a matador might be, being around bulls can be a very dangerous situation.


This shocking picture shows the moment a young bullfighter lost two teeth after a massive bull shoved one of its horns into his mouth.

Andres Roca Rey, 19, a Peruvian matador, was participating in a traditional bullfight at a venue called Plaza Nuevo Progreso in the Mexican city of Guadalajara when he was attacked.

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It appeared he was not having one of his best days as he ended up on the ground several times, with colleagues and organisers having to rush to protect him.

But what finally ended the performance was the moment in which the bull violently hit him with one of its horns, shoving it into his mouth and breaking two of his teeth.

Footage of the incident after the strike shows Roca Rey with blood on his face being treated by an organiser.

The bullfighter was taken to a local hospital for treatment and medics said he had been lucky not to have suffered a more serious injury.

They have put provisional implants into the man’s mouth to prepare the tissue for his new teeth, which are due to be put in place within the following weeks.

Meanwhile the matador told local media that he is anxious to participate in his next bullfight due to take place on November 29 – in order to rebuild his reputation.

This is a terrifying video, but it should be noted that the matador is extremely lucky. He lost a few teeth, but he could have lost his life just as easily.

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