‘The Meathead’ Rob Reiner vows never to direct films in North Carolina in protest of new LBGT law that protects children from sexual predators

Hollywood Liberals are attempting to blackmail the state of North Carolina because they passed a law that prevents transgender women, aka men with penises and fake boobs, from using the ladies room. However, the corrupt media machine is deceptively presenting this story as discrimination against the LGBT community. It’s misdirection away from the core issue.

Rob Reiner.

Rob Reiner.

Daily Mail reports North Carolina legislators are receiving a multitude of backlash and criticism for signing what many have called ‘the most anti-LGBT bill in the country’, even from some Hollywood heavyweights.

When Harry Met Sally director, Rob Reiner, said he won’t produce movies in North Carolina until ‘this hateful law is repealed and LGBT North Carolinians are treated with the equal dignity they deserve’.

Reiner said that he ‘will not film another production in North Carolina’, until the law that bans cities from enacting their own anti-discrimination protections is done away with.

He also encouraged his colleagues in the entertainment industry ‘to vow to do the same’.

Reiner, whose list of movies include A Few Good Men and Stand By Me, is among several entertainment professionals who say they won’t do business in states that have pass

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In New York, Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order making it LEGAL for transgenders to use public bathrooms by the gender they identify with. Part of this order includes language that says a transgender is not required to provide any proof or documentation of gender identity. As a result, sexual predators have a license to dress up as a women and use the ladies room to their heart’s content and have free access to women and children to commit sexual crimes. This is what North Carolina is trying to protect against and this is where the debate should be waged.

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