Media Malpractice: AOL News warns Iran could resume nuclear activities if West withdraws, Iran has never stopped from the beginning

This headline has only one purpose, to provide President Obama political cover for a charade of nuclear negotiations with Iran.

AOL News reports Iran’s foreign minister said Saturday that Tehran would be able to return to its nuclear activities if the West withdraws from a pact that is to be finalized in June.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister and chief nuclear negotiator, said on a talk show on state-run TV that Iran has the power to take “corresponding action” and “will be able to return” its nuclear program to the same level if the other side fails to honor the agreement.

“All parties to the agreement can stop their actions (fulfillment of their commitments) in case of violation of the agreement by the other party,” Zarif said.

Zarif said the framework nuclear deal announced by Iran and six world powers Thursday in Switzerland was not binding until a final agreement is worked out by a June 30 deadline. The framework agreement, if finalized, would cut significantly into Iran’s bomb-capable nuclear technology while giving Tehran quick access to bank accounts, oil markets and other financial assets blocked by international sanctions.

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Here is the false template being laid out by President Obama with the help of the corrupt media:

Either we negotiate with Iran or we have to go to war with Iran.

That is an utterly false choice given to us by President Obana.   The economic sanctions were working and hurting Iran. That is the choice President Obama should be offering America, continuing the sanctions or imposing more crushing sanctions, not a false choice of war he has no intention to wage.

Iran is playing Obama and the other foreign nations like a fiddle. If the deal stands, sanctions are lifted and Iran can still pursue nuclear weapons at secret sites the UN inspectors will never find. If the deal falls apart they still can pursue nukes with the help of Russia and China.

These whole negotiations are nothing but an elaborate sham to fool the public.

From The Last Tradition

Samuel Gonzalez

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