Meet the ‘ISIS Hunting Club’

Eight former British servicemen have volunteered and is preparing to travel to Syria to fight Islamic State militants.   And of course, photos of them wound up on social media…


The images were posted on a Facebook page titled ‘Sgt Tom’, which carries the colours of the Kurdish flag and disguises the faces of all the men photographed.

The images show the men wearing military fatigues and clothing suited to fighting in a desert environment while clutching large assault rifles.

Alongside captions making threats towards ISIS militants, one image appears to act a as the group’s manifesto, identifying the leader as the aforementioned ‘Sgt Tom’ who says he is a former serviceman travelling to ‘defeat you [ISIS] and the evil you stand for’.

The group call themselves IVFOR (International Volunteer Force), but some are calling them the ‘ISIS Fighting Club’ based on a few of their tattoos.  ‘Sgt. Tom’ adds: “I am not right wing, nor fascist, I am not anti-Islam nor anti any religion. I am a free man in a free country and free to fight for freedom and democracy’.”

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