Megyn Kelly: Obama saved his most destructive, ‘radical … explosive’ game-changer for last [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly: Obama saved his most destructive, ‘radical … explosive’ game-changer for last [VIDEO]

obmbrncnstnJust when you think Obama has done enough damage to the country implementing radical Saul Alinsky methods to transform the country, another sly move pops up. This time, he’s trying to dictate where people live. That’s right, although we fought so hard to stop segregation last century, he is implementing policies that will dictate where people end up living. 

BizPacReview reports on Kelly’s expose,

“The man who changed your healthcare system forever is now pushing to change your neighborhood,” she said. “That is, if Uncle Sam feels it is not inclusive enough.”

Kelly said the Obama administration is calling this a “plan to diversify neighborhoods,” but she said it’s much more.

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“Experts say this is more than an attempt to change the way America’s neighborhoods look. It may also be an attempt to change the way they vote,” Kelly said.

Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, called the plan “insidious” and observed that the president was engaging in “social engineering of local communities.”

Thiessen also called the president’s proposed actions, to be administered through the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, an act of bribery or blackmail to get communities to “change their zoning policies.”

He said the problem of rich versus poor wasn’t rooted in bad local zoning laws but was the result of policies that limit opportunities for success and keep the downtrodden down.

Kelly stated her view of the plan’s purpose.

“They don’t want, quote, ‘unequal neighborhoods,’” she said. “They think too many cities are too white, too privileged, with too big McMansions, too big McMansions, and they – they want to diverse the communities whether the communities want it or not.”

Syndicated radio host Richard Fowler disagreed.

“I think what the president is trying to do is to create opportunity for all,” Fowler said. He compared it to the Supreme Court’s of Brown v. Board of Education case, which sought to eliminate segregation in public schools.

Kelly countered that anyone can live anywhere, no matter what his skin color. It just comes down to money.

It is a very disturbing agenda and people of all walks of life should be concerned. This is America, where people have a constitutional right to freedom of association. This is treating people with stereotypes, as groups instead of the individuals we are. It’s a frightening path to go down and must be stopped. Watch the chilling video with Megyn Kelly below.

Rachel Alexander

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