Melania Campaigning For First Time – Hits Pennsylvania Supporters With Powerful Message

Melania Trump hit the campaign trail for her husband for the first time since the RNC and she absolutely dazzled the audience.

She discussed the day he announced that he was going to run for the Presidency, her path to becoming an American citizen and her desire to make America great again.


“What a wonderful welcome here in Pennsylvania,” Melania said. “It has been more than 500 days since my husband, Donald Trump, announced he would run for president of the United States. I remember that day vividly, surrounded by our families.

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“He pledged to restore integrity to Washington and respect for America abroad,” she said. “This is not an ordinary campaign. It is a movement.”

She continued speaking about her faith in her husband’s ability to lead America into better days.

“We are deeply grateful to the millions of Americans who believe in my husband because they know he believes in them. He believes in America and he will make a fantastic president. I came here today to talk about my husband Donald and his great love and deep respect for this country. I have come here to talk about our partnership and our family, about what I know for sure in my heart about this man who will make America great again.”

Later, she mentioned her path to citizenship, calling it a “great privilege.”

“I’m an immigrant, and let me tell you that no one values the freedom and independence of America more than me. Love for this country is something we immediately shared when I met Donald. He loves this county and knows how to get things done — not just talk.”

Illegal immigration also came up, an issue that was essentially Donald Trump’s claim to fame when he first jumped into the race.

“Do we want a country with safe borders? Do we want a country that offers life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Do we want a country that respects women? Where every child has access to a good education? Where children can be safe and secure?”

“Do we want a president who is a fighter for us who will never give up? Then we want Donald Trump to be our president. With your help and God’s grace, he will make America great again.”>

Gee, if only there was another woman campaigning who could see the merit in not entering a rally and immediately attacking her opponent. It’s much more effective to bring a positive message to the people, instead of negative energy.

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