Memo from the Dept. of ‘Gee, Stacy, Why
Don’t You Tell Us How You Really Feel?

David Brooks isn’t really worth the time it takes to denounce him, so please excuse the redundancy:

In an era when the newspaper industry is laying off newsroom personnel to the tune of a thousand people a month, David Brooks is paid a full-time salary by Sulzberger. In return for this salary — his compensation package is rumored to be in the neighborhood $300,000 annually — Brooks is required to produce only two 800-word columns per week.
Do the math, and this amounts to 104 columns per year, at nearly $3,000 per column, so that Brooks’ rate is somewhere around $3.50 a word — and yet he apparently cannot be bothered to do any actual reporting.
Byron York breaks news every time he files for the Washington Examiner, a tabloid that is distributed free on the streets of the nation’s capital. Yet that ungrateful wretch Brooks is indulged as he wastes 804 words — yes, I counted — doing philosophy, rather than journalism. To borrow a phrase from Hunter S. Thompson, it’s “enough to make a man wonder what newsprint is for.”
My grievance with Brooks is not merely because, as Sister Toldjah says, he’s a phony political chameleon. Politics aside, Brooks is a goddamned disgrace to the profession of journalism. . . .

Feel free to read the whole thing, if you’ve got nothing better to do today than to think up additional reasons to hate that vile scumbag.

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