Sarah Palin Steps Down, Earth Continues To Turn On Its Axis

Bush Derangement Syndrome seems like a head cold compared to the Palin Hatred. Palin Hatred is like a full-blown mental swine flu. I fear it may be a slate clearer for the Democratic Party.

Perhaps the Left could take this Sarah-free moment and consider the power their loathing, and the underlying fear, gives Sarah Palin. Their complete lack of objectivity, their inability to actually hear what she’s saying, their tone-deafness to her resonance with a huge segment of the American people, limits them. David Frum and all you D.C. insider Republicans walking around with a hoity toity corncob securely wedged might want to consider too, your mind blindness.

Sarah Palin stepped down, but she is, I’m guessing, about to walk into the lower 48 states. Maybe by the time she gets down here, everyone can calm down. Somehow, with her fighting words igniting more passion, I doubt it.

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