Menendez charges put Iran legislation in doubt-Exactly why Obama indicted him

A blind person could see why this indictment came at this particular time from one of the most politicized DOJ in U.S. history. President Obama is a very vengeful and arrogant man who doesn’t like to be second guessed. Obama wants Iran to have nukes without any interference from Congress. And Sen. Menendez was trying to step in the way of that.

The Hill reports Sen. Robert Menendez’s (N.J.) decision to step aside temporarily as ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee following his indictment on Wednesday could jeopardize Congress’s chances of passing Iran legislation.

Menendez has co-authored legislation with Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) that would allow the Senate to weigh in on any nuclear deal with Iran, and a separate bill that would restore and impose tougher sanctions on Iran if it walks away from talks or violates a deal.

The Foreign Relations Committee is set to vote April 14 on the bill he co-authored with Corker calling for Senate review of an Iran deal. If Menendez is out of the picture long-term, it could sap Democratic support for legislation that the White House has already threatened to veto.

Typically, the most senior Democrat on a committee steps in when a member takes leave from a post, but Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would make the final decision.

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