Michael Moore Is Wrong About a Pro-Gun Rally? Say It Isn’t So!

Michael Moore Is Wrong About a Pro-Gun Rally? Say It Isn’t So!: Michael Moore reeled off a long, pretentious rant on his page this week about a pro-gun rally Charlton Heston is had in Arizona. You see, some nutcase gunned down three professors and thenshot himself at the University of Arizona and so Moore didn’t think it was appropriate for Heston to still hold his pro-gun rally. Here’s one paragraph from Moore’s editorial that’ll give you a good idea of the pig’s ear Moore is trying to turn into a silk purse…

“I am asking that you (Heston) not go to Tucson today. Do not cause any more grief, any more pain. Let the relatives and friends of the deceased mourn. Why show up to play the role of the bully, kicking these good people when they are down, just so you can prove that you have a right to your big, bad guns? These are not the actions of a once brave and decent man. They are the acts of a coward, as no man of courage would think of picking on his fellow citizens when they are so consumed with tragedy.”

This is such a cockeyed line of reasoning. If it’s improper for Heston to hold a pro-gun rally two days after someone gets shot by a psycho, does Moore think Nascar should cancel a race if someone in the same state dies in an auto accident within a 48 hour period before the race? If somebody you never met drowns on a Saturday, are you being a “bully” if you hold a pool party on Sunday? Hey Michael Moore, were the people who took baths within a 48 hour period after Andrea Yates “picking on” her dead children?

Ah Michael Moore, without you and Maureen Dowd, Robert Fisk, Ted Rall, and Jimmy Carter, the life of we conservative pundits would be so much less rewarding.

Thanks to Rachael Lucas for pointing this out on her blog.

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