Michelle Obama Disrespects Louisiana Flood Victims in the WORST Way [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama Disrespects Louisiana Flood Victims in the WORST Way [VIDEO]

Americans are suffering in Louisiana. They are in utter chaos and devastation due to the flooding that has destroyed their homes and way of life. Obama finished his game of golf before visiting and Hillary went M.I.A….

Now it’s Michelle Obama’s turn to make an impression…

As expected, it’s a horrible one.

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From American News:

Now, new reports reveal that Michelle Obama played a huge role in her husband’s decision to ignore the devastation.

According to Three Percent Nation, Michelle did not see the Louisiana visit as a valid enough reason to end the family vacation early, although reports do indicate that she allowed Barack to halt his vacation to attend a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

Michelle refused to go to that, too. She was probably too busy lounging in the mansion on the beach that is being paid for by American taxpayers.

What a disgrace. Obama, his administration, his wanna-be-successor Hillary and now his wife… just one big fat DISGRACE. At this point, it’s hard for me to even consider that they are human. Who in their right mind could vacation while the people they are responsible for are in devastation and ruins? It’s heartless.

November cannot come soon enough.

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