Michelle Obama NOT Leaving The White House – Hillary Clinton Has Terrifying New Role For Her!?!?

Michelle Obama NOT Leaving The White House – Hillary Clinton Has Terrifying New Role For Her!?!?

The idea that I might have to spend the next 4 years continuing to cover the Obamas is actually making me a little ill. I was done with them after the first few days of the Barack Obama Presidency, but it would appear that Hillary Clinton has some roles for the President and First Lady after her coronation election.


What exactly is First Lady Michelle Obama’s legacy? Trying to force our growing children to eat like anorexic bunnies and having scientific evaluations prove that her school lunch program is a bunch of crap? Or perhaps it will be the infamous “for the first time in my life I’m proud of my country.” I personally will remember her for strong hashtag activism and her “#BringBackOurGirls” sign.

But why remember her when one of the Presidential nominees promises to bring her into her administration?

*insert mechanical applause here*

But what would her role be? What is she even qualified to do?

It’s not hard to figure out what Hillary Clinton wants her to do when you remember that Clinton believes that the government should have a major role in bringing up YOUR children. If you doubt that, read this tweet:


I mean, how do you expect to influence how people think when they are allowed to teach their own children?

For an additional wave of nausea, read Hillary go on and on about her “faith” and how it has led her to her progressive/liberal ideology.

Of course, Michelle Obama herself said that she has no plans to slow down her attack on the way we raise our own kids, as reported by The Washington Post.

Back in February, she said at a health-care summit that she does not plan to slow down on her healthy living campaign for kids, either. “I do not have a one- or two-year horizon for this work,” she said. “I have a rest-of-my-life horizon.”

This reeks of desperation. Is Hillary trying to capture the “I don’t like Hillary, but I do like the Obamas” vote? Or maybe she thinks that with a woman of color at the helm, people will find it harder to speak out about the indoctrination taking place because, you know, racism or something.

Either way, I’m absolutely uncomfortable with the idea of progressives taking the reins of the education of American children. The government is not one gigantic parental unit, nor should it be viewed as one. That is an extremely dangerous idea to have, as nothing good has EVER come out of complete government control over the average citizen.

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