Michigan governor signs bill to drug test welfare recipients

Michigan governor signs bill to drug test welfare recipients

atmmchnptMichigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) signed a bill Friday that will require substance abuse testing for welfare recipients who are suspected of using drugs. The law will go into effect in three counties. Taxpayers were fed up with seeing their hard-earned dollars go to pay for recreational drug use for people without fulltime jobs. 

According to WXYZ,

Refusal to take the test results in benefits ineligibility for six months.

Positive drug tests lead to referrals to treatment programs. State assistance will be terminated for refusing to participate in the program or failing to submit to testing under the program. Benefits can be restored after a person passes a substance abuse test.

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It is unfair that those who are not working are entitled to money from the rest of us – who probably have to take drug tests at our place of employment –  to pay for their drug habits.  Expect to see more laws like this become enacted around the country as unemployment lingers and more drug legalization laws are passed. Marijuana stores brazenly post signs stating there is an EBT cash withdrawal machine inside.  Certain types of welfare, like the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families can actually be used directly to purchase marijuana.

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