Mike Lee Is FURIOUS Over Trump Tape: “Your conduct, sir, IS the distraction.” [VIDEO]

Mike Lee Is FURIOUS Over Trump Tape: “Your conduct, sir, IS the distraction.” [VIDEO]

I really like Senator Mike Lee. I had the pleasure of calling his cellphone, before he was a Senator, to tell him the PAC I was working for would be endorsing him over his opponent in the upcoming election. That was in 2010, it was an amazing year! I have always been proud of the true conservative stand Senator Lee has made over and over in the Senate.


With that said, Senator Lee and I disagree on Donald Trump. I am every bit as conservative, intelligent and moral as Mike Lee. We both even attend the same church and share the same beliefs. I have spent a lot of time in DC, although not as much as he has. I have witnessed the corruption in DC and among politicians. While I have not yet found Senator Lee to have gone the path of corruption, he probably doesn’t look at politicians the same way that I do, as he is a politician himself.

Having spent nearly 8 years as an activist in the political realm, I have grown to mistrust politicians. I have especially grown to mistrust DC consultants. In case you weren’t aware, the other GOP candidate who had a shot at winning the nominee position was a DC Consultant. So my choices were a really mouthy guy in Trump, a DC Lawyer and Consultant in Cruz or the nasty Clinton family. I chose the New Yorker because I can understand New Yorkers and I’m not afraid or turned off by their unfiltered communication.

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With that said: Trump’s unfiltered way of communicating over a decade ago has really gotten him into trouble. A graphic video has surfaced of Trump trash talking women and sex. It’s just horrific. The Washington Post somehow obtained “Access Hollywood” footage from 2005, where Trump talked in graphic terms about how easy it was for celebs like himself to seduce women — needless to say it was pretty gross ‘man talk’.

Mike Lee is horrified with Trump’s locker room talk. I can understand Senator Lee as we’re both Mormon and that audio is 5 levels too vulgar for us. We’re the type of people to walk out of PG-13 movies if they’re too vulgar. This audio has Senator Mike Lee demanding that Trump ‘step aside’ and the GOP find a new candidate to represent them. Lee posted a message on Facebook directing his remarks to Trump, “Your conduct, sir, is the distraction. It’s the distraction from the very principles that will help us win in November. You yourself, sir, Mr. Trump, have stated repeatedly that the goal, the objective, has got to be to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Trump, I respectfully ask you, with all due respect to step aside. Step down. Allow someone else to carry the banner of these principles.”

Lee aligned himself with the very small number of elected Republicans calling on Trump to quit. The first three — Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.), and Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) — were fighting re-election bids that require crossover support from Democrats.

But with the grossness of Trump’s recorded past, I still stand with Trump. My Dad has always owned his own business my entire life, I followed in his footsteps. I have grown to respect many men and women who have gone through the struggle of building and losing businesses. I understand Trump. I know what Trump can do. I still have a great hope that he IS the guy I met in January 2014 on his jet. A businessman who loves America, what she stands for and afraid of where she’s headed. I stand with Trump to open up the way for Americans to make America great again, I truly do.

WATCH his VIDEO below:

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