Mike Rowe Speaks: Americans’ Aversion To Work Spells Disaster For Our Future

Anytime Mike Rowe has anything to say lately, the right pumps their fists and the left gets cranky.  His latest interview with The Blaze should be no different, as he says that the biggest crisis we face isn’t global warming. It’s the attitude people have towards work


Rowe suggested that “we’re facing this mess … because people are truly still clinging to the idea that, ‘OK, I worked for 30 years and now I’m done.’”

Such a view of work is not only “crazy,” he maintained; but the “math is scary” regarding the costs associated with supporting an elderly population well into its 90s and beyond.

In general, he identified a national trend away from the idea that hard work is something to be celebrated.

Of course the anti-math left doesn’t seem to value work in the first place, let along past 30.  Please see: “Entitlements, Reform.”

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