Miley Cyrus Goes On Profane Rant Against Republican Governor Mike Pence

Miley Cyrus Goes On Profane Rant Against Republican Governor Mike Pence

When you want credible analysis of newly-signed laws, Miley Cyrus is the first name that comes to mind. Her well-written message to Indiana Governor Mike Pence on Instagram is one for the ages.



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Hours after signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was the object of Miley Cyrus’ social media ire. The act protects citizens of faith from legal action based on their decision not to conduct business that violates their beliefs.

Cyrus, a pro-gay advocate who got a tattoo of an equality sign to show her support for same sex marriage, took to Instagram to share her displeasure with Pence’s action.

Though a few of her followers agreed with her assessment, others vehemently lambasted her screed – even going so far as to counter her profanity with expletives of their own.

Among the commenters referring to Cyrus as a “stupid b—ch” and “a—hole” were those correcting her skewed representation of the new law.

One Instagram user explained “this law allows people to practice their own religion,” adding that it is in no way discriminatory against gays or any other group.

Apparently Ms. Cyrus is unaware that there is already a federal Religious Freedom Protection Act in place. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal statute doesn’t apply to state and local laws, so many states are passing their own RFRA’s. But, that would require reading and thinking and not knee-jerk reaction, so…

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