Military Unenthused About Chairman O

It looks like we will have fewer veterans to honor on November 11 in the future. Current results of a poll on

When I think of President Obama as my commander-in-chief…

I’m filled with pride. I look forward to serving under him. 19%
I’m worried and doubt I’ll re-up when my time comes. 53%
I’m ready to salute and follow his orders. 27%

Fortunately, we won’t need the Armed Forces, once Obama ascends to the White House. After all, their purpose is to protect the American way of life from its enemies. Any attempt to do this under Obama would be shutting the barn door after the media has shooed the horses out.

That’s why Obama has promised to castrate the military. In its place, we’ll have his vast, Gestapo-like “civilian national security force.”

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Foreign enemies can be dealt with using nuanced dialogue. They won’t seem terribly relevant, with Obama in office — at least not until the next 9/11.

Our next commander-in-chief, via RBO.

On a tip from General Jack D. Ripper. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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