Who Made Those Leaks Again?

During the campaign, vicious, nasty, vile, disgusting bilge got fed to the press and blogs, namely Andrew Sullivan and his buddies at Daily Kos, from the Obama campaign. Barack Obama always distanced himself from the smears, gravely clucking about the personal attacks. He undermined his above-it-all aura with his not-so-subtle flipping of the bird. His immature actions led me to believe that he probably had a whole lot to do with the nasty attacks–especially on Sarah Palin.

Well, now, he had a private talk with President Bush. And who gets the goodies about the content of the conversation? Why the New York Times and the AP. President Bush is upset, understandably.

How about that dignified Barack Obama? He’s looking pretty amateurish and silly right now. Even Bill Clinton has kept the contents of his personal presidential conversations personal.

And the Democrats shouldn’t sit there too smugly either. One of the things they’ve decried is the supposed cozy relationship of the administration with the press. You know…those well placed stories convenient to the president’s cause. Doesn’t this little episode demonstrate the extent of this incestuous relationship?

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