Misc Commentary — July 25, 2003

Misc Commentary — July 25, 2003: Here are some things I wanted to mention that probably weren’t quite developed enough to merit their own posts…

— Kid Rock’s American [email protected] should be playing in the background when these guys are rolling through Iraq

“…For counter-ambush raid commanders like Sgt Mizell, the goal is to bait the enemy into attacking armoured infantry units, drawing them away from more vulnerable units. ‘It’s as dangerous as hell,’ 68th Armoured’s commander Aubrey Garner, 39, said. ‘But soldiers are willing to put themselves in danger to kill the enemy.’

Despite the dangers, many 68th Armoured soldiers said more frequent attacks would be good because they would force the enemies out of their hiding places.

‘I always tell my wife: The more we get attacked, the closer we are to getting home,’ Sgt Gonzalez said.”

Our military is helping to build a free society for 24 million Iraqis and making all of us back home safer. They’re the best fighting force ever to walk the earth and I have nothing but respect for the work they do.

Tom Delay blasted Dennis Kucinich specifically and the Dems in general in RWN’s quote of the day…

“Dennis Kucinich, a long-time member of Congress, now calls for legislation — I love this — to ban ‘mind control’ weapons in outer space,” DeLay said. “It makes you wonder if at their next presidential debate, the Democrats are all going to show up wearing aluminum foil helmets to protect their brain waves from the mother ship.”

— I could do a pictorial edition of ACPOTI from the pictures you’ll see here. If you’ve been to a taxidermy shop you’ve seen things this bizarre, but I found the “art” on this page to be strangely disturbing in a way that stuffed deer heads aren’t. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

This is such a ridiculous article…

“Televised images of the bodies of Saddam Hussein’s sons shocked many Arabs on Friday, who said it was un-Islamic to exhibit corpses, however much the brothers were loathed.

Arab and international networks showed the bodies identified as Uday and Qusay, laid out at the makeshift airport morgue, their faces partly rebuilt to repair wounds.

“Although Uday and Qusay are criminals, displaying their corpses like this is disgusting and repulsive. America claims it is civilized but is behaving like a thug,” Saudi civil servant Saad Brikan, 42, told Reuters in Riyadh.

Another civil servant Hasan Hammoud, 35, said: “America always spoils its own image by doing something like this. What is the advantage of showing these bodies? Didn’t they think about the humanitarian aspect? About their mother and the rest of their family when they see these images.”

Al-Jazeera has shown graphic images like these plenty of times. It’s run of the mill for them. A lot of Americans remember that they showed the corpses of our soldiers during the war on Iraq. But they also showed the corpses of Afghan civilians during that war and they’ve featured Israeli and Palestinian corpses countless times. Reading about people like Hassan Hammoud acting as if their delicate sensibilities are offended by seeing a dead body on a slab is a joke. It’s not the fact that they’re seeing a corpse that bugs them, it’s who the corpses are. If there were American corpses on those slabs it wouldn’t bother them one bit…

Ed Gillespie & Matthew Dowd offer a little perspective on Bush’s poll numbers…

“To be clear, the President’s poll numbers are essentially the same today as there were the day before Operation Iraqi Freedom commenced on March 17. Take the most recent Gallup poll conducted July 18-20th. According to Gallup, the President had a 59% job approval and a 38% disapproval rating. Right before the war began, Gallup showed the President’s approval rating at 58% with a 38% disapproval – statistically, the same exact numbers.

The same is true for the President’s re-elect numbers. Gallup showed the President’s re-elect at 46% last week and 45% in their March poll. Fox News’ polling shows a similar trend. Their July 15-16 survey gave the President a 59% approval rating (32% disapproval). In a March 11-12th Fox poll, the President’s job approval was 60% compared to a 32% disapproval rating – again, the same numbers. The President’s re-elect in the July Fox poll was 42%. Fox’s February poll also showed the President’s re-elect at 42%. During this same period, Fox showed the Democrat’s position weaken. Today Fox shows the generic Democrat garnering 31% of the vote compared to 38% back in February.

…In addition to approval numbers, pundits and Democrats will place an emphasis on re-elect numbers. Again it is important to have an understanding of historical precedent. Throughout 1995 President Clinton’s re-elect hardly ever got above 40%. In a Battleground poll in April, 1995, Clinton’s re-elect was 21%. The highest point Clinton’s re-elect reached in 1995 was 43% in a poll due in December 1995 for Associated Press. In spite of the low re-elect number, President Clinton ending up winning re-election comfortably.”

Despite the impression you might be getting from the press, Bush’s poll numbers still look fine. If his numbers were to stay at the same level they’re at right now on the backside of the African intelligence “scandal”, Bush would easily be reelected.

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