Hugh Hewitt, MSNBC, & Michael Graham

Publicity & Props From Hugh Hewitt, MSNBC, & Michael Graham: Hugh Hewitt said this (among other things) about the interview I did with him…

“My interview with John Hawkins of RightWingNews brought a small surge in purchases of In, But Not Of, driving it back into the top 2,000…”

When Mark Steyn’s stenographer told me that “The Face of the Tiger” had a nice little sales bump after I interviewed him, I thought it might be a coincidence. But now that Hewitt’s saying the same thing, I’m starting to believe it. In any case, it should make a nice selling point when I’m trying to get interviews.

The Hewitt interview also inspired radio talk show host & author Michael Graham to write in and say that, “I wanted to make sure you knew that, on the Michael Graham Experience, we check in with Right Wing News on a regular basis.” By the way, if you go to that link, you can listen to Graham’s show in progress from 3-7. It sure would be great if other talk show hosts **cough cough** Cam Edwards **cough cough** put up internet feeds from their show =)

Last but not least, I got another mainstream media mention. MSNBC’s Weblog Central discussed the flap that centered around the fact that there were no women on the 20 greatest figures in American history poll that I did last week…

“The other day the Right Wing News drew some attention when it asked like-minded bloggers to list the 20 greatest figures in American History. Participant Meryl Yourish has touched off a tangential firestorm by pointing out that there are no women on the final list, citing, “Sexism in the blogosphere, again.”

The last time I saw much significant discussion of sexism in the blogosphere was in the wake of the NY Times piece by Lisa Guernsey last November which generally painted the blogosphere (or at least its A-list) as a man’s world. In fact, discussions of the status of women on the blogside between Yourish and her peers predates the New York Times article. The response to the article was mixed, but one result was a greater effort by some to list women bloggers and bring them to the fore.”

MSNBC then went on to conclude that I was totally right and that it was lucky that I was here to save the blogosphere from women who wanted to distort history. I was surprised he came out that strongly in my favor, but hey, I was right after all wasn’t I?

Heh, OK — I just said that to try to make Meryl, Kate, & Moxie’s heads explode =D You 3 know I’m just teasing…

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