Mistress sues lover for $2 million over unpaid ‘services’ since he wouldn’t leave his wife for her

Mistress sues lover for $2 million over unpaid ‘services’ since he wouldn’t leave his wife for her

Need another good reason why extramarital affairs are a bad idea? This story is full of salacious details, and besides the emotional and financial toll it takes on those involved, the entire world will know your dirty laundry.

The Daily Mail reports,

A 67-year-old mistress who spent the last six years trying to get a retired media executive to divorce his wife and leave her alone at their Park Avenue home has filed a $2 million suit against the man.

James Greenwald, 88, was professionally and romantically involved with Theodora Lee Corsell while he was living with his wife Marilee, according to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court

Corsell is suing for the ‘reasonable value’ of the six years during which her ‘services’ went unpaid.

She claims she performed tasks for Greenwald such as helping him get rid of New York Giants tickets, dealing with a $3 million threat from another mistress and digging up dirt on his 77-year-old wife, according to the New York Post.

Corsell, who said her ‘professional services were separate and apart from the parties’ romantic relationship’, alleges Greenwald said he owed her ‘everything’ and promised to compensate her as well as indicated he would leave his wife.

Greenwald said he would pay Corsell and include her in his will, the New York Daily News reported.

The payment did not happen and neither did the divorce.

Corsell said in court papers: ‘According to Greenwald, [his wife] Marilee told him, ‘I will see them bury you six feet under before I grant you a divorce. I’m the last Mrs Greenwald.”

The story is so tawdry you want to take a shower after reading it. What is wrong with people? The man should not be cheating on his wife, the mistress should not be having an affair with a married man as well as chasing after his money now, and most wives in that position would have left him long ago. Straight out of a New York City soap opera…

Rachel Alexander

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