Model with 32S breasts who gave herself ‘crispy brown’ skin says she’s ‘black woman’ now [VIDEO]

Model with 32S breasts who gave herself ‘crispy brown’ skin says she’s ‘black woman’ now [VIDEO]

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, someone has to come in and say/do something so ridiculous that it’s practically impossible to believe that it’s real. In the process, they trample all over your faith in humanity and your desire to remain on this planet.

Martina Big has done exactly that. She has decided to “become a black woman” by getting injections to change her skin color.

Could you BE more insane?

She spent £50,000 on turning herself into an “exotic barbie,” including getting skin injections, 36S breasts and lip injections. Additionally, she has a 50-tube tanning bed that she is using to get her “crispy, dark skin.”

The formerly blond, German, air stewardess stated that her dream has always been to see how dark her skin could get. Is that odd to anyone else? Maybe I just don’t understand because it’s not something I would ever strive for, but holy cow.

For those wondering, this is what she looked like before she decided to get the surgery, an obsession which began after her boyfriend encouraged her to get into modeling in 2012.

Recently, a video surfaced of Big visiting Los Angeles “as a black woman.” In it, she said “[t]he last time I visited this with blonde hair and white skin… And now I’m a black woman with African hair [sic].”

But real black women aren’t happy with this transformation. One woman who commented on the controversial video called it “pitiful.”

“I’m a black woman as you can see and I don’t think this is cool. It’s sad. It’s pitiful.”

There is so much wrong with this that I don’t really know where to begin. I’m all for body modifications because hey, if it makes you happy and doesn’t harm me or anyone else, go for it. This, however, is a bridge too far. You’re not a “black” woman, you’re a fraud.

H/T: Daily Mail

By Right Wing News’ Sierra Marlee

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