Mom Has Car Repossessed with Her 9-Month-Old STILL INSIDE

Mom Has Car Repossessed with Her 9-Month-Old STILL INSIDE

What could make you more upset than having your vehicle taken away? Having it towed away with your baby inside it. One mother in Orlando, Florida experienced this nightmare after her car was towed outside a daycare.


From NBC:

9-month-old baby has been reunited with her mother after their car was repossessed with the child still inside outside of an Orlando, Florida daycare.

Antoinette Jordan went the daycare to pick up her other two children, and when she went back outside the car was gone.

“I was just very, very scared,” Jordan said. “I would never think nobody would take my baby. I didn’t care about the car. They could have got their possession, I just want my baby back.”

Orlando police tracked the baby and the car to Xpress Finance and General Auto. Jordan said she owes the company $199, which was due on February 7.

Typically vehicles are not repossessed three days after a missed payment.

That would be the ultimate heart-stopping scenario. That poor woman… I can only imagine how she felt. Thank goodness she got her baby back.

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