Mom Gets C-Section But After the Doctors Put Baby In Her Arms, Everything Goes Black…

Mom Gets C-Section But After the Doctors Put Baby In Her Arms, Everything Goes Black…

Even in today’s modern age of medicine, child birth can pose a serious risk to the health of women. One proud mother endured a super-human amount of blood loss to bring her child into the world and even lived to tell the story.


The average human body contains about five liters of blood. Heather Fisher lost almost twice that much during the delivery of her daughter Jasmine.

Now, her family is thanking the doctors that helped her pull through a very scary situation.

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Heather knew she had a high-risk pregnancy and delivery ahead of her, but she didn’t expect to be the miracle mom who lost nine liters of blood during childbirth. Nor did she know that there would be times when the doctor prepared the rest of her family for the worst.

The mother of five was told she was at risk for bleeding because of her previous c-section scars. When she went into labor at 30 weeks, she was admitted to the hospital and given drugs to try to slow the contractions. When it became clear that her daughter was on her way, Heather was given an emergency caesarean section.

However, during the labor and delivery, scar tissue from one of Heather’s previous c-sections ruptured, leading to her massive blood loss.

“When the pregnancy attaches to the muscle wall of the womb, it is hard to separate the placenta and you cannot get the baby out when it is time for the birth,” obstetrician Sunil Doshi told the Mirror.

“You get a large network of abnormal blood vessels which bleed a lot at the time of delivery. This meant we had to perform a caesarean section and remove the womb. The blood loss occurred where the placenta had attached and caused her blood pressure to drop severely.”

Heather says she doesn’t remember much after the doctors showed her the baby, but she did learn that the nurses had to make quite a few trips to the blood bank. In fact, it took more than four hours to stop the blood loss. They even used a special machine that would filter Heather’s blood so that it could be returned to her body.

“We had a cell saver machine, which was useful and helped to purify about two liters of her own blood to give back to her out of the nine liters that she lost. The rest of the blood was brought from the blood bank,” said Dr. Doshi, who also called it, “one of the most extreme cases of blood loss,” he had ever seen.

Most of Heather’s memories of the birth and recovery are hazy.

But she does remember how wonderful the doctors and nurses were.

“Mostly, I can only recall how lovely the hospital staff was to me and my family,” Heather told the Mirror. “One nurse would hypnotize me to help me relax in the aftermath and made me think of when a time when I was on holiday with my family in the Dominican Republic.”

Heather’s husband, Dean, was warned of the danger his wife was in and gathered the entire family at the hospital.

“I was incredibly anxious but I was very well supported throughout while the teams involved got on with the job and saved Heather and Jasmine,” Dean said. “The doctors saved the lives of my wife and baby, but also the mother of our four other children.”

Just six days after the surgery, Heather was reunited with her new daughter.

With the life-threatening birth behind her, this brave mother got to spend a little time with her newborn miracle.

“We are just so grateful to all the doctors and nurses at the hospital who saved us. We can’t thank them enough,” she said.

Praise the Lord that this family was able to stick together and that Heather and the baby were able to pull through.

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