Mom posts astonishingly rude pictures of herself with her baby on Facebook

Mom posts astonishingly rude pictures of herself with her baby on Facebook

mom flipping off child1An education columnist for Slate Magazine, Rebecca Schuman, thinks it’s OK to post photos of herself flipping her baby off and calling her an a**hole on her birthday. She claims it’s because of the difficulty of taking care of a baby.

The Federalist Papers posted this from Schuman’s Facebook page,

The reasons I take and post these pictures are varied. I crave emotional release after hours of increasingly desperate nursing, jiggling, rocking, walking, and, my personal favorite, walk-nursing (all wriggling, self-torpedoing 22 pounds of her).

I’m also trying to amuse my husband, to diffuse what could otherwise be even more strain on two adults pushed to the boundaries of civility. And, of course, there’s the defiant gesture of Parenting Realness…

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…my daughter is a grade-A pain in my a** about going to sleep.

This is someone writing about education? This is the last person we want writing about education, someone with an attitude that nasty toward children. Someday that baby will grow up and be known for photos all over the Internet of her mom flipping her off. Perhaps the tables will turn then, as the girl realizes how her mom has humiliated her to the entire world. My mom had four of us kids — a lot harder than one child to raise — I’m grateful she never spoke cruelly in public about us like that. The moral of the story is, if you don’t want to take on the duties of raising a child, don’t have one.


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