Money-Obsessed Teen Waited at His Home and Murdered Family One by One so He Could Pay Off a $3,000 Debt

Money-Obsessed Teen Waited at His Home and Murdered Family One by One so He Could Pay Off a $3,000 Debt

People will do a lot of crazy things for money, but what Alan Hruby did for a small chunk of change is absolutely insane. After his parents cut him off due to his spending habits, Hruby murdered his whole family one by one in the hopes of inheriting the estate, and paying off a $3,ooo debt.


First, Alan Hruby shot his mother.

Tinker Hruby fell to the floor, her 19-year-old son towering over her in their Oklahoma home, waiting for her to die. But she didn’t — so he shot the 48-year-old mother-of-two a second time with the 9mm pistol he found in his father’s truck.

Then came his sister’s turn. Seventeen-year-old Katherine was outside washing her car. When she walked in, Hruby fired once again, killing her immediately.

Hruby waited. Ten minutes, 20, 30 — his mother and sister dead in the Duncan home  — until his dad walked through the front door about an hour later.

He opened fire.

‘Ouch,’ said John Hruby, 50, feeling the sting of the first bullet enter his body.

Hruby watched his father fall the ground. Then he fired one final time, delivering the killing blow that sealed the tragic fate of his parents and sister.

Those were the grisly final moments of the Oklahoma family that died on Oct. 9 because Hruby needed $3,000 to pay a loan shark — and he thought he would inherit enough money to pay up after killing his parents and sister, court documents obtained by People magazine show.

‘He felt like if he murdered his mother, his father and his sister, he would be the only one, the only heir, to their estate,’ District Attorney Jason Hicks, of Stephens County, told KFOR.

He at first appeared ‘distressed’ when police told him about his family’s murder on Tuesday, a day after their bodies were found by a housekeeper.

But investigators quickly caught on to the fake tears.

‘The only remorse we’ve seen is because he got caught,’ Hicks told KFOR.

‘Any tears that he shed, they were crocodile tears,’ the prosecutor added. ‘It wasn’t remorse because “I’ve lost my mom, my dad and my sister,” —  it’s remorse because he knows that his life is basically over.

Luckily, the prosecution is considering the death penalty in this case. I don’t want my tax dollars going to keep this scum safe and cozy in a prison cell. He deserves a one-way ticket to meet his maker and try to explain away why he killed three innocent people because he had a debt.

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