Monster Granddaughter YELLS At Her Grandfather In Public – Disrespect In The HIGHEST Degree [VIDEO]

Monster Granddaughter YELLS At Her Grandfather In Public – Disrespect In The HIGHEST Degree [VIDEO]

An unfortunate granddad has learned that when it comes to grandchildren, maybe spoiling them to death is not the best way to go. Footage has appeared from an unidentified shopping mall of a ‘spoiled brat’ screaming and swearing at an elderly man assumed to be her grandfather…all because she was late to her Apple iPhone appointment.


These two apparently have an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar to fix the brat’s beloved phone, but waiting for food at the food court for this little jerk had made them late.

The green-haired youngster is visibly apoplectic over the situation as she yells at her granddad:

‘I don’t want to wait in line for 20 f*****g minutes doing absolutely nothing when we’re supposed to be at our f*****g appointment.’

The older man shows an impressive amount of patience and viewers are left wondering if he’s just used to the abuse caused by the young girl’s violent language and lack of respect for her grandfather.

She dramatically thrashes her arms around as her whining increases with, ‘I’ve been starving all f*****g day!’.


She shouts before her furious screams turn to teary howls as she believes she is about to lose her spot at the Genius Bar.

‘We were supposed to be there five minutes ago’‘Can you please just go up there and talk to them for me and like leave me the money or something,’…The little brat comes up with a plan, ‘You take my phone and you go up there and you talk to them.’

The elderly man doesn’t stop to argue, but rather gives in straightaway, handing over his bank card and taking her phone so he can be a pushover and do as she commands…disgusting.

Even after the old man leaves, she still carries on with her despicable attitude, pacing back and forth and occasionally screaming ‘F**k!’ and stomping her foot on the ground.

Listen. The old man is obviously allowing this behavior to continue, so no sympathy from me there…

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