Moonbat Calls for Criminalizing the Absence of Cavity Wall Insulation

A man’s home is not his castle, but the government’s plaything, according to environazis like Scotland’s Richard Dixon:

Homeowners who do not to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their properties should be treated as criminals, one of the country’s most influential environmentalists said last night.

Dr Richard Dixon, director of WWF Scotland, believes tough measures are needed to force people to cut their use of fossil fuels and thinks governments should consider making it a crime for members of the public not to take measures such as installing cavity wall insulation. …

Dr Dixon said: “I think it should be a crime to be wasting energy. It’s clearly a moral crime against the climate, and I think we should be having a discussion about whether it should become an actual crime. … We should be getting into the territory where we force people to do this [insulate their homes] … I think climate change is so serious that we need to start cracking down in a serious way. We need to start forcing people to do the right thing — not just encouraging them but actually forcing them.”

Notice he used the updated term “climate change,” not the “global warming” we’ve been menaced with for years. This is because people are starting to catch on that it hasn’t gotten any warmer since 1998. With “climate change,” any and all weather is proof of a cataclysmic crisis requiring draconian government action.

Dixon is a liar, and his “climate change” crisis is a farce. But the government force he worships is a very real threat to us all.

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