Mother Cries As She Watches Video Of Disabled Son Kicked By Bully-Then Came The Awful Sound…

Mother Cries As She Watches Video Of Disabled Son Kicked By Bully-Then Came The Awful Sound…

There isn’t too much worse than a bully, but a bully that makes a video of beating up a DISABLED person and posts it online is just mentally ill. This is beyond sickening:


A mother is speaking out about the consequences of bullying after a video of her disabled son being attacked by a group of students was shared on social media.

Isaiah Wooding, a 16-year-old student at Penns Hill High School in Pittsburgh, has cerebral palsy, a disorder caused by abnormal brain development.

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Because of his condition, which affects body movement and muscle co-ordination, the teenager is often the target of bullies at school.

In the most recent incident, a student was waiting in the school hallway with a camera as Isaiah passed when another violently kicked him to the ground.

The student filming can be heard laughing hysterically as Isaiah lies helpless on the ground after the assault on Friday. The footage was posted on Facebook shortly afterwards.

‘I got kicked in the chest,’ Isaiah told WXPI. ‘I fell backwards and hit my head. I was kind of hurt, embarrassed.’

‘I cried when I saw that because it’s like “Wow”. How can kids be that cruel?’ Isaiah’s mother, Margaret Wooding, told the station.

She added that her son suffers from seizures, but luckily, the latest incident did not trigger one.

Here is the video is which you can clearly see him being injured by the much bigger – and non-disabled – student:

Isiah isn’t asking for any special treatment – he just wants to go to school, and not be beat up. Is that too much to ask that students can go to school without feeling like their personal safety is at risk?

Was this too much? What do you think of this bullying incident? Sound off in the comments below!


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