Mother ‘high on bath salts’ stabs the family ‘demon’ dog

Mother ‘high on bath salts’ stabs the family ‘demon’ dog

Drug are bad, m’kay?  Especially when said drugs cause you to trip so bad that you think the family dog has been become the residence for a bunch of Satan’s minions.  A Maine mother of two is under arrest for doing that very thing and then taking a kitchen knife to the household pet.

 Mother Stabs Dog

“A 30-year-old mother-of-two allegedly high on bath salts stabbed her family dog with a kitchen knife because she thought it was possessed by demons, according to police in Maine.

Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home in Perham on Sunday and found Ashley Doody acting aggressively and exhibiting unpredictable behavior.

They discovered that Doody, who is a nurse, had attacked her mixed-breed dog, Trixie. The sheriff says the dog lost a lot of blood but was taken to a veterinarian and is expected to survive – while Doody is in jail on $1,000 bail.

She has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and is due to appear before Aroostock County Superior Court on May 19.”

Mother Stabs Dog2

While I can understand someone wanting or needing to take the edge off, how about sticking to a few brews when you get home?  Snorting bath salts sounds so ridiculously unpleasant that I can’t understand how becoming paranoid and attacking Fido would be enjoyable. If there is anything to be grateful for in this story it is that the poor dog is expected to survive.  That and the mother didn’t go full zombie and try to eat someone’s face.

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