Mother Jumps In Vehicle To STOP Repo Man – DEVASTATING Results…

Mother Jumps In Vehicle To STOP Repo Man – DEVASTATING Results…

Her vehicle was being taken and being a Mother, she did the only thing she knew how to do…anything to protect her family from suffering the loss of transportation. So she jumped in the vehicle…and what happened next, is heartbreaking…


From the Independent Journal:

As the Deseret News reports, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, repo driver Kenneth Drew went to the Best residence to repossess their Lincoln Navigator. The family had been going through hard times, and had moved in with Ashleigh’s parents to try to get back on their feet.

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As Drew backed his tow truck up to the SUV, a man came out of the house to protest, then asked Drew to let him contact the bank. While the tow truck driver agreed to wait, an argument soon broke out and the newly-married mother-of-two got in the car and drove away.

Rather than letting Best go—which the repo company’s owner told KSL News is their policy—Drew gave chase. In a high-speed pursuit that lasted ten to twelve blocks, Drew followed Best, later telling police that he “accelerated quickly” after her because she was trying to avoid repossession.

Best was going an estimated 70 miles per hour on a 35 mph road when tragedy struck. According to witnesses and evidence at the scene, Drew’s tow truck made contact with Best’s car, forcing her off the road where she crashed into a tree.

Sadly, the accident was fatal.

Though Drew later claimed he stopped following Best when she began speeding, police say the physical evidence shows otherwise.

Moreover, Drew’s girlfriend was a passenger in the tow truck and said she, “wondered why they were even chasing the female,” telling police, “she was scared during the incident and she didn’t know if Kenneth had purposely ran the female off the roadway or not.”

Her getting into her car and driving off, is yes…frustrating when you’re just trying to do your job. BUT – he should have never given chase. The end does not justify the means. A Mother’s life has been lost. The consequences of his actions will now have to be suffered by generations of this woman’s family…

Hindsight…is awful with this one.


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