Mother Who Left Her Five Children For A Virtual Stranger Thinks She’s “Still A Good Mother”

Mother Who Left Her Five Children For A Virtual Stranger Thinks She’s “Still A Good Mother”

This is a question to all the mothers out there: Would you leave your children for man you’ve only known for TWO WEEKS? One woman did, and still has the gall herself a “good mother.”


From The Daily Mail:

A woman who walked out on her five children more than 2 years ago to be with a man she’d known only two weeks maintains that she’s still a good mother.

In a Friday episode of Dr. Phil, a woman identified as Akealia admitted that she’d left her family behind for a new man, but said that she didn’t want to hurt her babies.

‘I missed most of my childhood. I just wanted more,’ she said. ‘I did not want to say goodbye to my children. I couldn’t deal with the pain it was going to cause them and myself.’

The Huffington Post noted that she then added that far from wanting to be apart, her ex-boyfriend Jamie, who she’d left after 13 years together, was keeping them apart.

‘Jamie is holding my children hostage,’ she says. ‘I feel like I am still a very good mother. I would do anything for them. If my children needed me, I would be there for them.’

Jamie told Dr. Phil he disagreed.

‘Akealia has completely abandoned her children,’ he says. ‘It is very clear she wants nothing to do with her own kids.’

The host told Akealia: ‘People get divorces every day, but they don’t divorce their children. They divorce their spouses.’

She can call herself a purple space zebra for all I care, but that doesn’t mean that she is. A good mother doesn’t walk out on her own children for any reason.

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