Mother of 2 KIDNAPPED & CAGED as a Slave For 2 Months, Rescued Despite Guns pointed at Her and Her Liberator!

Mother of 2 KIDNAPPED & CAGED as a Slave For 2 Months, Rescued Despite Guns pointed at Her and Her Liberator!

An Indiana woman missing for two months and apparently held as a slave in a cage and forced to wear a dog collar as her only clothing has been found alive, and authorities have arrested a couple in connection with her July disappearance.


Joelle Lockwood, 30, went missing on July 9 and was allegedly kept inside the trailer of 37-year-old Ricky Roy House Jr. and 44-year-old Kendra Tooley where she was made to perform chores while wearing a belt like a dog collar around her neck, naked from the waist down. They have been arrested on preliminary charges of criminal confinement and rape.

Lockwood was allegedly abducted by House after he offered her a ride after a party. Sheriff Oeth said that the two had gone to high school together. At House’s suggestion Lockwood agreed to go back to his trailer.

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‘Once they arrived there, he forced her to stay and confined her,’ Oeth said. ‘As the investigation is progressing, this looks like there’s more of a sexual motive.’

Tooley’s ex-husband, Higgs said that he was telephoned by Tooley on Thursday because she needed money from him. He said that when he arrived at the couple’s trailer, House brazenly showed him Lockwood inside the cage.

‘She had a t-shirt on, and that was it,’ said Higgs to WFIE, ‘She had a leather belt, like a dog collar on. Every night, they locked her in there. No food, no water.’

He then managed to get Lockwood out of the trailer, allegedly with guns trained on him, although Higgs has not clarified how he got the mother of two out as of Sunday.

‘Everybody’s calling me a hero,’ said Higgs. ‘I’m just a pure bred American, that I believe.’

Hopefully this story will teach women to not get intoxicated enough to allow an old acquaintance to walk you into their front door willingly.

UPDATE: I am writing this addendum because people seem to be angry with the way I ended my article. They think I am saying the woman ‘dereserved’ what she got. NOT AT ALL. Here’s a little story so you understand where I’m coming from;

When I was just out of High School I had a really close friend. She was older than I was but we would always go out dancing to clubs. I idolized her because she was beautiful and awesome and protected me from the bad influences at the clubs we would go to. I didn’t drink or do drugs and she made sure no guys were allowed to approach me who would try to change that. Even though I was quite naive, my own personal rule was: if I EVER set my water or soda down, I would never return to it. One night we were at a club sitting with some guys we had just met. She was sharing a soda with one of them. When we left that guy came with us. When we got home, she insisted she was going to drop me off first and then take him home. I looked at her and in my mind I screamed ‘NO THIS ISN’T RIGHT, I SHOULD GO WITH YOU’. Because she was older and more confident I remained silent. She didn’t return until the sun was up. She was a mess. She told me she had woken up in a parking lot with her key broken off in the ignition and her clothing damaged. She had been raped. I carried the guilt of that for about a decade until I realized… she had made her decision to be unsafe. She knew she should not have shared a drink with the guy, we probably shouldn’t have been in such a low club and when she left me that night she could have made the decision to bring me along. It was not my friends fault what happened to her, but making herself unsafe was her personal responsibility she chose to yield for the evening. She probably would never have been raped if she made the right decision.

The woman in this story DID NOT deserve what happened to her. But she chose NOT to take safety precautions to protect herself. If she weren’t intoxicated she probably would not have gone to the man’s single wide because he was married and she would have been anxious to get back home with her family. The biggest disease in our nation is people choosing to give up their personal responsibility and hoping things will come out alright. She yielded her personal responsibility when she chose to get so drunk that someone else took charge over her destiny. The lesson for women here is… go get blind drunk and let your hair down. But ONLY if you have a designated friend who will not allow you out of their site the whole evening as per an agreement with your friend prior to the party. On evenings you don’t have a chaperone to protect you… limit yourself to one drink to relax you. And lastly, if your drink is EVER out of your site for a second– NEVER return to it! If you choose to give up your personal responsibility and inhibitions without a secure plan in place, you are also choosing to give up your destiny to terrors possibly worse than what this woman endured.

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