Mother Of Young Girl With Down Syndrome Says She Would Have Terminated Her Baby If She Knew When Pregnant

Mother Of Young Girl With Down Syndrome Says She Would Have Terminated Her Baby If She Knew When Pregnant

In another lovely story coming from the baby-murdering crowd, a woman has claimed that had she knew that her daughter would have had Down Syndrome, she would have had her aborted.


 The mother of a seven-year-old daughter with Down syndrome is speaking out against banning of abortions following fetal diagnosis of the genetic disorder, revealing that if she had known her baby had Down syndrome before she was born, she would have chosen to terminate her pregnancy.

In an essay for Yahoo! Parenting, writer Hallie Levine, 42, from Fairfield, Connecticut, recalled the struggles she faced following the birth of her daughter Johanna, noting that she is ‘appalled’ that the state of Ohio may follow North Dakota’s lead and become the second state to outlaw women terminating their pregnancies based on a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis.

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‘This is an issue that hits close to home for me: If I had had a prenatal diagnosis, I would have obtained an abortion,’ she wrote. ‘Today, I am beyond grateful that I didn’t. But I cannot ever in any circumstances imagine insisting others not have that right.’

In 2013, North Dakota became the first state to prohibit abortions based on cases of ‘genetic abnormality or a potential for a genetic abnormality’. Hallie noted that according to studies ‘anywhere from 67 per cent to 85 per cent of women who learn their baby has Down syndrome terminate their pregnancies’ – a choice she believes she would have made given the chance.

The mother-of-three, who said she felt anxious a lot of the time while pregnant with Johanna, recalled asking her doctor for an amniotic fluid test numerous times but was always talked out of it because the blood screening tests she had taken had over a 90 per cent detection rate.

‘It turns out my fears were warranted: My daughter arrived a month early, with a shock of dark hair, a huge, lusty cry – and a diagnosis of Down syndrome,’ she wrote.

Hallie said an hour after her little girl was born specialists told her that her daughter needed immediate surgery for an intestinal obstruction and noted that she may have a heart defect.

‘I just stared at them in absolute shock, thinking: “I never signed up for this,”‘ she added.

For months after Johanna’s birth, Hallie also said she suffered ‘crippling postpartum depression’; the knowledge that she would have terminated her pregnancy if she had known her daughter’s condition filled her with guilt.

Hallie, who now blogs about raising a child with special needs, credited Zoloft and a strong support system, including a nanny that allowed her to go back to work, to help her get back on her feet, however, she said she never wants another woman to have that be her life if she doesn’t want it to be.

‘Johanna (nicknamed Jo Jo) is the center of my world, and she’s doing great,’ she said. ‘But it was a rocky road to get where we are today, and while it’s a path I’m glad I’m on, I would never want to see a woman forced into it.’

What do you think? Is this the worst mother ever? Or is she being realistic?

Either way, can we stop cheering abortion as a “right”?

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