Mother smothered two-year-old son and buried him on hill because he disturbed her sleep by CHEWING too noisily

Mother smothered two-year-old son and buried him on hill because he disturbed her sleep by CHEWING too noisily

A young mother in China snapped and killed her son in a horrifying way when his behavior annoyed her.

Jia Liyuan, 26, sobbed in court as she described squeezing the toddler’s throat to stop him crying before smothering him with a plastic bag and quilt.

Her husband Wang Yuanzhi is accused of helping her bury the body in the Daxing District, Beijing, in October last year.

The court was told Jia had attacked her husband with a hammer after he returned home late. He left the house while she put their daughter to bed and went back to sleep, the People’s Daily Online reports.

The next day she was awoken by Xiao Yu, who was in his cot being noisy with his toys, and thew him to the ground in a fit of rage.

‘When he saw me he was very fearful and I suddenly became very angry, pulling his shoulder and throwing him to the ground,’ she told the Second Court.

‘He was lying on the ground crying loudly whilst staring at me. I don’t know why but I pinched his neck with my right hand and when I let go he would cry again so I did this a number of times.

‘Then he stopped crying but I could see he was turning blue and gasping for breath. I was very fearful so I just put a plastic bag on his head but he kept crying so I took a small blanket and pressed it to his face then I hugged my daughter to sleep in bed.’

The mother-of-two said that it was only when her daughter’s nursery rang that she had a realisation of what she had done.

She tried to resuscitate him, while saying: ‘Mummy was wrong, mummy won’t hit you anymore.’

Jia sent three messages to her husband on social media, urging him to come home as their son was dead.

He borrowed a friend’s motorcycle and the pair took the body to a remote hillside and buried him.

Wang, who is charged with destroying evidence as well as harbouring a criminal, told the court that his wife said their son was suffocated by a plastic bag he had been playing with.

He said that the burial was in accordance to his ancestral traditions but that he sympathises with his wife, who is charged with murder, and hopes that the court would be lenient with its sentence.

But Jia’s mother testified against Wang saying that he knew what had happened and stopped her from calling the police.

Neighbours testified that the couple often quarreled over money and that their son usually bore the brunt of these arguments.

During an emotional appearance, she admitted she didn’t like looking after her son, changing his nappies or even feeding him.

She confessed she would often pinch him and sometimes hit him with a clothes hanger.

Her attorneys attempted to have her examined by mental health professionals, but since there was no history of mental illness that request was denied. But obviously something was very wrong for her to treat her children in such a horrific manner.

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