Mother and son rob neighbors on Thanksgiving who’d given them a turkey dinner

Mother and son rob neighbors on Thanksgiving who’d given them a turkey dinner

The Strain family thought neighbors Laurie Eddings, 50, and her son Christopher Warren, 31, were friends. Crystal Strain had spent the night at their Connecticut home a few times.  So it naturally occurred to the Strains to bring the family a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. Little did they realize the two would turn around and rob them when they were out celebrating the holiday. 

The Daily Mail reports,

Strain entered her neighbor’s home only to find Eddings and Warren rifling through her family’s safe they had stolen from her family’s home.

‘I just dropped off a plate. I was like, ‘How could you?” Strain told NBC. ‘I couldn’t believe it, as much as we’ve done for them and helped them out.’

Court documents state that Strain said Eddings tried to block her out of the apartment as the two went through the safe, when Strain realized what was happening, she ran across the street to her parents’ home and called her mother.

Strain said the burglars stole a house key from her and used it to unlock her family’s door when they were out celebrating Thanksgiving with family.

Strain told WFSB that she found the criminals even using her family’s tools to crack open the safe.

Police say Eddings and Warren cleared out the safe taking cash, jewelry, antique coins, and electronics worth a total of $9,000.

Police discovered a second safe in the home, which had been stolen at an earlier time. The pair was arrested and charged with third-degree burglary, larceny, and conspiracy to commit both.
This is what happens when you raise the last couple of generations of Americans to feel entitled. This mother and her son think they don’t have to work as hard for a living as the rest of us, that they can rob innocent, Good Samaritan Americans without a conscience – a serious felony that puts lives in danger.  Their Facebook photos look like they put plenty of time and money into their appearances. It’s unfortunate they don’t put as much effort into working to support themselves and helping others like their kind neighbors as they do their appearances.  Proves the old mantra, “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Rachel Alexander

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