Mother Threatens To Cancel Christmas As Punishment For Daughter, 10, Who Stole Money For Sweets

Mother Threatens To Cancel Christmas As Punishment For Daughter, 10, Who Stole Money For Sweets

There comes a point when every parent questions how to appropriately punish their child when they’ve misbehaved.
Just as this Mother did…but, did she go to far with her decision to cancel Christmas?


But one mother has taken to social media for advice, dividing users with her punishment plan and seemingly strict parenting.

The mother posed a question on Facebook, after she caught her 10-year-old daughter stealing money from her and her husband for the second time in one month, to buy lollies.

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‘The first time she had some privileges taken away and had to repay the money from her pocket money. We are disappointed and angry that she has done it again,’ the mother wrote to parenting Facebook page School Mum.

‘We give her occasional treat food, she gets tuckshop once a month and gets plenty of good food to eat. She doesn’t have any devices, play computer games or watch much TV so we can’t use this as a punishment.’

The mother also admitted they couldn’t stop their daughter from going to sports lessons which she enjoyed as it would mean letting other children down.

‘My husband feels we should give her no presents at all at Christmas,’ she said, shocking other parents.


‘While I know this will send a big message to her and her siblings about how serious and unacceptable stealing is, I wonder whether it is too harsh?’

Respondents were quick to share their opinion on the topic – most of them outraged at the harsh punishment and the strict circumstances.

‘I’m not condoning her stealing at all…Tuck shop once a month, no devices, then no Christmas presents! What planet do you live on? Where’s the “fun”?’ One woman wrote.

‘Taking Christmas away from her sounds horrible to me. Christmas is about unconditional love. I’d make her work to pay the money back plus extra for a penalty,’ another agreed.



‘So as a mum with both older and younger children than your daughter I’ll offer an opinion that has been formed through the experience. RELAX.’ One advised, before suggesting they avoid becoming ‘drill sergeants’.

‘I by no means think this is behaviour is ok and she needs punishment. BUT ask her why, find out who she is with when she spends the money, you may work out that her friends all get spending money for school and tv/computer access and the lollies might be her one grab at “fitting in”.’

Others agreed, with many saying they would steal too if they were in the child’s position – hundreds sympathising with the child.


‘If there is nothing enjoyable to take off her, do you not stop and think, “where is the joy in my child’s life”?’ One queried.

Other parents offered alternative punishments of their own, from taking away pocket money to taking her down to speak to the police.

Some were disappointed and placed the blame entirely on the parents.

‘No wonder she’s rebelling! Just reading that crap would make anyone want to rebel against you. The kid has no outlet at home…I don’t think the problem here is the child, the problem here is her parents!’ A mother wrote


‘No presents at Christmas for the sake of a lollypop, she didn’t rob a shopping center, jeeez [sic],’ another said.
Of the 367 comments, some backed taking her out of the sports team, other suggested the parents talk to her about a potential bullying problem and others advised the parents sit down and talk to her about earning money responsibly.

But what almost all agreed on, is that the crime and Christmas should not be connected.

‘Please don’t take Christmas that can really imprint on a child,’ one parent pleaded.

‘No Christmas presents really? Seriously? She is 10 as in a little girl. Yes what she did was wrong but seriously no Christmas presents will cost you more in the long run as in ruining her childhood forever…I feel sorry for your children,’ another said.

I say, if she is stealing money…she can work to earn it the right way, and by that I do not mean taking out the garbage or sweeping..I mean looking for major service opportunities in the community that requires some hard work…and sending them there to work off their dishonesty debt!

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