Mother Tortured 14 Month Old Son By “Shoving Q-tips Into His Ears” Because He Looked Like His Father, Whom Left Her.

Mother Tortured 14 Month Old Son By “Shoving Q-tips Into His Ears” Because He Looked Like His Father, Whom Left Her.

Maybe he left her because she’s crazy; just a thought. Wisconsin mother Jenna Schumacher violently attacked her 14 month old son by jamming Q-tips into his ears, leaving holes in his eardrums and making them bleed.

Jenna Schumacher and her son

Jenna Schumacher and her son

From The Daily Mail:

A mother has been charged with felony child abuse of her 14-month-old son after she violently jammed his ears with Q-tips.

Jenna Schumacher, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, allegedly caused her son’s ears to bleed and left holes in his ear drums which could lead to lasting hearing problems.

The mother reportedly told investigators that she harmed her little boy because her partner left her and she ‘can’t stand to look at (the child) because he looks so similar to his father’.

The criminal complaint said doctors found no medical reason for the ear injuries, but discovered a piece of a cotton swab in the boy’s ear.

Last Friday, Schumacher again took her child to Children’s Hospital and denied putting anything in his ears.

However hospital video footage revealed that the 26-year-old was shoving cotton swabs and her fingers into her son’s ears.

On the tape, the mom was seen violently forcing the Q-tip repeatedly into the child’s ears as he struggled and cried, according to WITI.

She initially denied her actions, then admitted that she was violent towards the child because he looked like his father, according to investigators.

MailOnline was awaiting a comment from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on Thursday.

He told WTVR: ‘It turns my stomach. It sickens me. It makes you shudder to think someone would take a blunt object and shove it into your ear canal. It sends chills up your spine.’

This woman, who in my eyes is barely a human, does not deserve to be a mother. I wouldn’t trust her babysit my goldfish, let alone leave her by herself to watch a baby. Her husband should have taken their son with him when he left because she’s obviously unstable, and I hope she spends the rest of her life behind bars.

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