Mulder, Do You Want To Know The Truth About What They’re Really Hiding?

Mulder, Do You Want To Know The Truth About What They’re Really Hiding?: More email to your favorite Conservative blogger that sounds like it came from an unpublished episode of the X-Files…

“Listen, as a former top level intel. operative… you are playing into the hands of the false propaganda that the government wants you to do. Here’s the deal, (coming from an expert, you better listen) The government does some really f*cked up things. They know some people know the truth. They don’t care because they know the majority of people will protect them by saying it’s not true, even if it really is. Believe me, I know, I use to help do it. If you only knew how many of our governing officials really don’f give a shit about this country and what they do behind our backs with our money. Believe me when I tell you, you are probably 100% right in most of your findings and the fact is, it sounds like the Nat’l Inquirer. Using some radio or talk show or local broadcast group doesn’t cut it. Reach out to others like me who will listen to yo! u and add a little to your story. You can’t run with the big dogs (the government), but you sure as hell can run the f*ckers off when there are 10 to 1 odds in your favor. Try a little research into some government field manuals from the Armed Forces. Trust me, you may find more than you are bargaining for.

Quiet Hawk”

Oh no! I published his handle! Run Quiet Hawk, before they send one of the super-soldiers after you! Once you get somewhere safe you can call Skinner — he’ll know what to do!

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