Welcome To Dubai — A Rapist’s Paradise

Welcome To Dubai — A Rapist’s Paradise: Apparently Dubai has decided to enter the, “2003 Biggest Backwards Sharia law Hellhole on the Planet” contest. Of course, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, & Iran are tough competition, but can they do anything are bizarre — and let’s just call it what it is — evil — as this?

“A businesswoman who accused three men of gang rape has been arrested in Dubai and faces trial on charges of adultery.

Touria Tiouli, 39, from Limoges, in France, has had her passport confiscated and cannot leave Dubai after being charged under the emirate’s Sharia law.

…Mme Tiouli was on a business trip last October when, she alleges, she was raped by three men who offered her a lift home from a nightclub.

She reported the attack immediately to the Dubai police, who after investigating her claim arrested her rather than those she accused.

One of the men admitted to having “consensual sex” with Mme Tiouli, which made her, in the eyes of Dubai’s judiciary, guilty of both adultery and making a false rape accusation. She could face up to 18 months in prison. None of the men has been charged.

…The government has taken her passport and refused to let her leave the country until her trial, which has not yet been scheduled.”

Hey Dubai, the 7th century called — they want their Sharia law back. I also hope the French at least the cajones to do something about this instead of leaving this poor woman to twist in the wind in Dubai…

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