Muslim Migrants Storming Europe Throw Away Free Food Given To Them Because It’s Not Good Enough

Muslim Migrants Storming Europe Throw Away Free Food Given To Them Because It’s Not Good Enough

Just as European nations like Greece and Germany are set to welcome hundreds and thousands of Muslim immigrants this year, it seems some of those immigrants are not acting like guests in these countries.

Take for instance these two instance in France and Greece, where essentially Muslim immigrants from more peasant cultures in the Middle East are continuing to act, well, like they are still living in peasant cultures. Except, they’re not anymore.

muslim migrants

Recently in France, leftists decided to hand out food to the suffering immigrants. Illegals quickly took over the distribution of the food and stormed the van, trying to get in and grab all they could.

Afterwards the woman visited a camp and the illegal immigrants were complaining to her that “the food is not good.” The ungrateful illegals then took the food and threw it on the ground.

In Greece the Muslim migrants refused the bottled water distributed by workers because it had a Red Crosswas on the box.

How’s that for being a guest in a new country?

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While these nations essentially open their borders to these people who are fleeing tyrannical rule from ISIS, they are continuing to act in a manner that is only fitting in Middle Eastern culture.

Germany and Greece are civilized nations. These immigrants will have to either get with the program, or get out.

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