Muslim woman screams out in pain as she is caned 23 times for standing too close to her boyfriend

Muslim woman screams out in pain as she is caned 23 times for standing too close to her boyfriend


Amid recent exposure of Donald Trump’s less than stellar behavior towards women, most of America has been outraged. And in my opinion, rightfully so. Women deserve respect. Women deserve to feel safe and protected. Isn’t that the role of a gentleman? But as frustrating as it is as a woman to constantly hear about men like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump’s scandals, we really are so lucky here in America.

I am not saying that we should disregard their actions. But, oh my heavens, we are blessed to be in this country. Let’s take a moment to appreciate what we have. We are up in arms about something a man said, meanwhile a woman is publicly beaten for offending her government. And the worst part? It was justifiable under their law.

In Indonesia, a woman was punished for “standing too near her boyfriend.” She was taken in front of the local mosque and whipped 23 times. Pictures show the absolute anguish that she experienced. That is the face of true objectification. This took place in the only province in Indonesia that still enforces Sharia law. But it is brutal, especially for women.

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She was not the only woman taken to be publicly beaten that day. She was only one in a group of 13 individuals. Often women collapse during their beatings and are carried to the hospital to recover.  It is terrifying. This is official government law in this province. Gambling and intimacy are among the punishable crimes… even if that intimacy is only standing closely to one another.

Next time we want to stand up and rant about the feminine struggle in America, remember how blessed we are to be here. What is truly ironic, however, is that those most energized about the feminist struggle are also those advocating the culture that created Sharia law. It can be a scary world. Let’s count our blessings.



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