My Latest Pajamas Media Column: Embryonic Stem Cell Research & Government Funding

Here’s an excerpt of my latest Pajamas column titled “Much Ado About Obama and Embryonic Stem Cells”:

In a move that shocked no one, President Barack Obama reversed President George W. Bush’s executive order to ban government-funded human embryonic stem cell [ESC] research on new embryonic stem cell strains. This decision has caused many to rejoice and many to lament.

Some question the timing: lifting the stem cell research funding ban is a political win for Obama at a time when he’s losing public opinion ground on the economy. It also puts Republicans on defense-moderates and Democrats favor embryonic stem cell research, while conservatives dislike it. Moderate Republicans welcome the policy shift because they view the issue as a political loser and want it off the table.

Go read the whole thing and give me your feedback here or on Twitter.

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